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With Britestone, you get it all right from the source and you can always expect the best hormone free & antibiotic free products on the market today. It means a lot to us to provide the best we can, you and your family is important to us like our own. In today's changing world, we have to be more conscious of where you get your food from. It can nourish you and your family, or long-term can be detrimental. You can be assured we believe in natural as nature can provide. You can count on love, quality, and real hard-work put into all we offer.

Nice to meet you!

Take the Hutterite challenge and tell us what you think. We are confident that when you taste the difference that farm fresh makes, you won't go back!

Welcome, I am Mark Entz and I am known as the Beef guy! Grateful to have you knowing more about our colony and what we stand for, and what that means for you!

We all work hard and take great pride in our products to ensure we give the very best we can, and we do it not only with sweat and tears, but with so much love and consideration for you and your family. We are confident our devotion, passion, and commitment to quality will be acknowledged if you give us a chance to show you.

We take great care in all we do and will give you nothing other then our best that we can offer because of our values as we continually stride for excellence.

We look forward to meeting you and serving you like our extended family.


We are Britestone Hutterite Colony and our history dates back hundreds of years. With roots in Alberta as deep as the oldest trees, our tried, tested and true method of delivering the best meat products is second to none. Our eggs are the best in Canada!


To be the go to place for all we produce, with top quality products and service available.


To Provide the Best Food at a reasonable cost with home delivery.


What matters to us as a community and as individuals is what makes us who we are and how we think of others.


We believe family is made from love and where love begins in one's life. The love we learn is the love we give to others.


God is number one in our life and who we honour in all we do. To know God is to know love and who we are because of it.


We stride to be excellent, not mediocre. This is why quality and service is vital in what we offer others and we do it with love from the ground up and to your door.


To love is to live, and loving others is a blessing in life and a joy. Love is the one thing that the more you give away the more you get back.

A history of Britestone and KneeHill Colony…

Thank you for visiting Britestone!

We are located East of Beiseker, Alberta (close to Carbon, AB) We are only a stones throw away as the crow flies. Britestone.ca is the new online medium to buy Hutterite quality food products direct, fresh, and delivered or pick up with reasonable prices and awesome service. We bring you the top quality Alberta beef, eggs, chickens, and other farm products to be expected from being natural as possible! We are happy to represent the history of the colony and give you a feel for what we do, and let you know how much it matters to us that we share the love.




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