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What's New?

Laying Hens

Our 21-week-old ISA Brown hens are not only incredible egg-layers (those large eggs tho!), they're also sweet and social.  Raised humanely, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and non-GMO, they're the perfect addition to your flock.

We feed our Chickens the finest feed that we grow on our farm, to feed our animals with daily vitamins and minerals, also Marigold and wildflower petals.

Composting Buddies

Britestone Farming Community

The Hutterite Challenge!

Ground Turkey

Ground Chicken

40 lb Angus Beef Box

Stock up your freezer with our 40 lbs Black Angus Beef Box! Filled with the finest cuts from grass-fed, grain-finished Angus beef, our box is perfect for beef lovers seeking quality and flavor. Antibiotic-free, hormone-free, humanely treated and non-GMO, it's the ultimate choice for healthy, delicious meals. Get ready for BBQs, family dinners, and gourmet cooking. Don't miss out on this beefy bonanza!

Long Last Bundle

What's Included:

Wheat berries (3lbs)

Unwashed White Eggs

Fermented garlic

2 x Beef Jerky


*Use coupon code: "LTpk" for $14.15 Discount.

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