Edmonton Delivery: Approx. June 6

Chicken Categories

We feed our Chickens the finest feed that we grow on our farm, to feed our animals with daily vitamins and minerals, also Marigold and wildflower petals.

Biggest mistake people make here is comparing these to the store bought chickens. That's comparing apples to oranges. These are from anti-biotic & hormone free, free range, lovingly raised and humanely handled chickens that are larger and healthier and premium quality compared to those conventionally sold in grocery stores. A rare commodity.

Roasting Chickens

(Frozen / Fresh)

Ground Chicken
(2 lbs / Pack)

Chicken Breasts

Chicken Wings

Chicken Thighs

Chicken Drum Sticks

Chicken Legs Quarter

Chicken Hearts
(1 lb / bag)

Chicken Gizzards
(5 lbs / bag)

Chicken Feet

(5 lbs / bag)

Chicken Livers
(5 lbs / bag)

Stewing Hens

(Whole or Hind 1/4's)

Chicken Necks

(5 lbs / bag)

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